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Motifi family records

The Motifi family of Fard is considered the biggest and oldest masters of plastering and traditional architecture in Iran, and even a style of plastering with the name of Matif is registered and is being implemented.

The late Ustad Hossein Motifi Fard, the father of Iran’s stucco, who left works such as the shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.), the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh, and Saad Abad Palace, may his soul be happy.

He immortalized the name of his family by inventing Matif style and considering that at that time photography and technology were not advanced as they are today, therefore the public and architects who welcomed his style used Matif style for their works in modern plastering and classical plastering. And they used iranian architecture and Mosque design

Master Akbar Motifi Fard (son of Master Hossein) was born on 08/03/1335 in a family of artists and started working with his father from the age of 9 and started learning the Iranian architecture plastering art from the same age.

Among his works, we can mention 8 years of apprenticeship with his honorable father in Imam Reza Shrine and after two years in Ferdous Garden…. Read more

The picture above “Motif” was performed by Ostad Matifi

With more than half a century of experience

in mosque design and Iranian architecture and Traditional iranian architecture

Motifi family records


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