The family of Motifi fard is considered the biggest and oldest masters of plastering and traditional architecture in Iran, and Motif is also registered as a style of plastering art in international architecture as a unique art.

The late Master , Hossein Motifi Fard, the father of Iran’s plastering, who left monuments such as the shrine of Imam Reza (a.s.), the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh, and Saad Abad Palace.

Mr. Akbar Motifi Fard (Mr. Hussein’s son) was born in 1335 in an artistic house and started working with his father from the age of 9 and began learning the traditional Iranian plastering art at the same age.

Among his works, we can mention 8 years of apprenticeship with his honorable father in Imam Reza Shrine and after two years in Ferdous Garden Complex in Tehran. After the Ferdous Garden complex, they worked in the personal house of the minister, which is now the building of the Iraqi Embassy in Tehran, and after his father, he continued to record his father’s work. After gaining valuable experience, he started teaching this unique style as a professor at the University of Iranian Art

With this background knowledge Motaifi Fard and his dear father, Artam Orman’s Vision Company have been implementing traditional and modern art projects for many years.